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2017-10-17 ~Potpourri BW: One Scientist's Marathon Quest for the Exercise Pill, by Adam Piore 2017-10-15 ~Potpourri Daily Mail: Thomas the Tank Engine to become gender-balanced, by Stewart Paterson 2017-10-14 ~National Daily Caller: Soros funds study on White Working-Class Voters, by Eric Owens 2017-10-13 ~National Project Veritas: American Pravda - NYT Part 1; NYT Part 2; O'Keefe Response 2017-10-12 ~National Daily Caller: Corruption and failing standards at West Point, by Patrick Granger 2017-10-11 ~National WT: It's 1968 all over again, by Victor Davis Hanson 2017-10-11 ~Environmt WT: Unplugging the Obama power scheme -- Editorial 2017-10-06 ~National Epoch Times: Antifa Tied to Communist Revolutionary Groups, by Joshua Philipp 2017-10-05 ~National WT: Players' union teams with George Soros to destroy NFL, by Valerie Richardson 2017-10-02 ~State-NC WT: North Carolina a model for Federal tax relief, by Robin Hayes 2017-10-01 ~National WT: The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left -- Book Review 2017-09-xx ~National JW: Special Report - Exposing the Deep State 2017-09-xx ~National , by Joshua Philipp 2017-09-27 ~National WT: Trump guts tax code: Slashes rates, kills death tax, by S. Miller 2017-09-25 ~Potpourri WT: The steps from freedom to Socialism, by Richard Rahn 2017-09-25 ~National JWR: The thing America strives for most?

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Richardson 2017-02-20 ~National Wa Po: Trump advisor views Islam itself as the problem, by Greg Jaffe (Horrified!, by Barbara Danza 2016-12-21 ~National AP: DEA chemists race to identify synthetic opioids, by Erika Kinetz 2016-12-21 ~Health Telegraph: Breathalyser can detect 17 diseases, by Henry Bodkin 2016-12-18 ~National WT: Obama Dems decry Trump's Putin ties - after own Russia outreach fizzles 2016-12-16 ~National Epock Times: Debt Nation: The Problem, the Solutions, by Valentin Schmid 2016-12-13 ~Potpourri WT: Wash Post's mad search for pro-Trump columnists, by R. FCTA: 2016 Presidential Results, EV vs Popular Vote In Extremis, by David Swink 2016-12-12 ~Health BW: Is Kratom a Deadly Drug or a Life-Saving Medicine?, by Bryan Gruley 2016-12-10 ~National Examiner: Ben Carson's HUD to kill Obama's "slum housing" rule, by Joseph Lawler 2016-12-07 ~National Gateway Pundit: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit 2016-12-07 ~National AMAC: "American History in No Time", by Randolph design, by Monica Crowley 2016-10-23 ~National Zero Hedge: Podesta Email Exposes Playbook for Rigging Polls via "Oversamples" Is War Imminent?, by FCTA's Thomas Cranmer 2016-10-23 ~Health Roanoke Times: Va.

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