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Due to personal other close family sickness and resulting financial problems unfortunately I have been unable to sustain and maintain the website.The monthly server costs of alone were proving too much of a burden considering the site was generating no revenue.Unless you specifically delete them, conversations are saved so you can always refer to them later.

Some users will use the private chat and messaging.

Some may never actually gain themselves, but find satisfaction in padding, bloating or inflating. Encouragers are guys who like the idea or physical act of helping someone else grow bigger.

There's no wrong way to be a gainer, so just follow your heart… Encouragers may be any size—fat, muscular or thin—and many gainers also identify as encouragers.

All conversions are made automatically by the system so you don't have to even think about it.

Gainers are guys who like the idea or physical act of growing bigger, fatter and/or rounder.

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