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Sam Shoemaker always knew he could be influential and change the world and yet out of the 30 something books he wrote, it was Bill Wilson’s, a book he edited and advised on, which changed the world the most. With this position of religious influence he helped many come closer to a moral and religious life, most notably Bill Wilson.

The early AA got its ideas of self-examination, acknowledgment of character defects, restitution for harm done, and working with others straight from the Oxford Group and directly from Sam Shoemaker, their former leader in America, and from nowhere else.”Sam Shoemaker was the rector of Calvary Church in New York City, where he also functioned as Frank Buchman’s partner as the head of Oxford Groups in America.

Executive sober living programs do not require intense adjustments to the daily business routines that high-powered executives so often find themselves in but do require that residents stay sober.

Recognizing that addiction affects people of all walks of life and is not prejudice, luxury sober living programs have evolved to accommodate the very unique needs of the high income substance abuser.

Executive sober living programs provide options for professionals to continue to work toward their recovery goals in an environment where they can live with other business executives who are also working toward long term sobriety.

Typically, there are more sober living programs for men than there are for women because men typically respond to such environments in a more positive and effective manner than women do.

Upscale sober living program provide recovering addicts with the comforts and luxury of a 5 star hotel.

In fact it was actually Shoemaker who encouraged Bill Wilson to to write the steps himself, believing that an alcoholic was better suited to write the Steps. There has been a lot of material written on Frank Buchman’s influence on A. and 12 Step in general, but this is more to do with 12 Step’s connection to the Oxford Goup in it’s infancy.

Most of the influence from the Oxford Group came by way of Sam Shoemaker, not Buchman.

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